Shortly about me

Hey there! My name is Taya and I adore taking photos. I'm fully autodidact and it makes me explore the world of photography all the time. Enjoying taking photos of events, People, Nature, street photography, and more.
Being in the process itself makes me forget about everything and see the world through the lens, live the moment, enjoy the process, have fun.
My camera always accompanies me. Capturing the moments, making memories, creating, being here and right now — that's about me.

Wishing a photoshoot?

For 10 years my camera has been present in many situations. My favorite type of photography is documentary. But that doesn't mean I stopped there. I offer a variety of photoshoots:
Birthday, Family Reunion, Kid’s Party, Live performance, Concerts



Individual, Formal, Environmental, Couple, Group


Restaurant, House, Appartement, Atelier, Exhibition